About Us

X-treme Rugby Wear  a Canadian owned company, and has been serving the Rugby community for 10 years with its custom designed gear for on and off the field. X-treme is an industry leader in technical development. With factory direct turnaround times and in house manufacturing, our commitment of delivering the world's rugby community the most up to date and innovative rugby ideas and products on the market.

     At X-treme Rugby wear, we make your ideas a reality. Our Team has over 60 years of Rugby experience (coaching, playing, coaching, executive) and with our combined passion to both the game and the business ensures that each and every interaction with our company is informative and enjoyable Whether it's supporting your favorite team, playing, coaching, refereeing or administrating, Extreme understands and wants to help. We hope you enjoy and value your experiences with our company.


We make rugby players look good and play better. We have specialised mens, women's and youth cuts for in all on and off field kits, making women feel as great as they play. We have full product line for players, fans, coaches and executive members for all levels of play club, school and universities. provide kit not only for men, youth and women.Rugby Tour can be as traditional or Wild as you want.

Our Begining

X-treme Rugby wear was started in 2008 based on a love for rugby and the need of players. A need for pro-level quiltiy and at a fair price.

"Stepping off the field for the final time as a professional Rugby player, I knew I never wanted to leave the game, I just had to re think how I were to do that. I went through many errors and struggles in the learning proccess of sublimation, from burning fabric, to shrinkage. I am very proud to where we are today, that we have the best machineray on the market, and we have developed the highest quality fabric and process."

 - Eddie Evans

The Now

We currently are designing and creating sporting apparel for teams and schools all over the world, and have expanding our product line to Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball, Netball, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Volleyball

The Future

To keep pushing the game of rugby forward in all levels of play, to grow our charity involvement and to continue the advancement in sublimation technology. 

  Our Mission


Our Vision